In 2020 we bet on ours. We dared to launch a clothing brand that breaks stereotypes and seeks to put aside the discomfort when dressing. We deserve to feel comfortable and safe, no matter the occasion.

We have been friends since school, for life. Lovers of good dressing, but above all to feel comfortable doing so. This is how ANDIAMO® was born, in one of our many conversations about the dreams we had, dreams that today, with a lot of effort, come true.

ANDIAMO® means “ walking ” in Italian. We believe that it is the perfect word to convince us to start a positive change in our lives. We created ANDIAMO® so that you dare to walk with us and dress in a more free and comfortable way.



We want you to know us for being an eco-friendly clothing brand recognized for empowering women through versatile and comfortable garments, maintaining the authenticity of our designs and transforming a way of dressing into a lifestyle.



We bring the KNITWEAR fashion.

ANDIAMO® was born to offer you beautiful designs and garments made entirely of fine cotton fabrics and other knitted fibers.

And why only KNITWEAR? We believe in the art of knitting and the importance of selecting the best yarn combinations to create versatile designs that can adapt to different bodies.

All our collections reflect our love for comfort and simplicity, without neglecting new fashion trends. Each of our designs is designed so that they can be used by everyone, so that they can feel safe, confident and free knowing that ANDIAMO® will accompany them at all times, regardless of the season or occasion.



We aim to be a sustainable brand, which is why each collection has a limited number of garments per design.

We prioritize quality. We have some garments made with Eco-Pet yarns and the best fibers, making our designs retain their value over time.


We stimulate the local economy. All the collections are made of 100% Peruvian fibers.

Likewise, we recognize and make visible the great work that our allies do every day.

We seek to impact both your life and theirs.


It's what we always wanted.

All our designs are free of sizes, as they are designed so that comfort accompanies you at all times, regardless of the occasion.

Enjoy what you use and be happy!